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Manbro, Inc.   \   3729 Topping Street   \   Houston, TX 77093   \   Ph. 832-457-2533   \   Fax 281-354-6678
Welcome to Mabro

Manbro is committed to learning and understanding your specific needs and addressing your concerns, providing you the best workforce available for all your projects.

We can fulfill work orders by Bid and Piece Work: effectively, efficiently and safely.

• Carpentry
• Metal Stud Framing
• Gypsum Wallboard Installation
• Drywall Finishing/Tape & Float
• Paints & Coatings
• Acoustical Ceiling
• Wood Trim & Wood Blocking
• Millwork/Fixture Installation
• Interior Demolition
• Wood/Metal Doors, Frames & Hardware

Please contact us for an estimate.

We provide top quality, highly skilled tradespeople for Commercial and Residential Projects.

• Carpenters
• Metal Stud Framers
• Drywall Hangers & Finishers
• Painters
• Acoustic Ceiling Installers
• Skilled Tradespeople
• General Laborers

Best of all, Manbro takes care of all equipment and tool needs, transportation, as well as handling all payroll related expenses and reporting.

Please call us anytime at 1-888-9MANBRO

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