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Manbro, Inc.   \   3729 Topping Street   \   Houston, TX 77093   \   Ph. 832-457-2533   \   Fax 281-354-6678
Welcome to Mabro

We understand the difference a great crew makes in completing a job successfully. At Manbro, we recruit, screen, interview and evaluate workers in order to provide you the hardest working, safety conscious, highly qualified workforce your project demands. We also provide you the option to have our workers drug tested and backgrounds checked.

Our top notch personnel can help you complete your projects on time and under budget.
• We eliminate permanent overhead costs.
• Our rates are designed to be competitive.
• We provide top quality, highly skilled tradespeople.
• Our workforce is flexible.
• We provide a safety conscious workforce.
• Our workforce provides their own tools.
• We are responsible for all payroll related expenses.

Please call us anytime at 1-888-9MANBRO

Once a project is complete, we take care of all necessary paperwork and payroll responsibilities.

• Worker's Comp  
• Liability Policy
• Social Security
• State Unemployment
• Federal Unemployment
• Prevailing Wage Reporting

All you have to do is request
the workers you need.

• Movers
• Diggers
• Laborers
• Landscapers
• Flaggers
• Painters
• Drywall Hangers
• Clean-up Crews

• Drywall Finishers
• Brick & Block Masons
• Metal Framers
• Rod Busters
• Job-Site Foremen
• Form Carpenters
• Frame Carpenters
• Finish & Trim Carpenters


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