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Manbro, Inc.   \   3729 Topping Street   \   Houston, TX 77093   \   Ph. 832-457-2533   \   Fax 281-354-6678
Welcome to Mabro

Partnering with Manbro allows you to obtain a workforce of experienced construction craftsmen and skilled tradespeople specific to a particular project of your overall construction.

In doing so, contractors are able to request a design or build team without incurring the administrative cost and requirements associated retaining full-time employees. You can meet production deadlines in today's fast-paced building environments without adding permanent overhead costs.

Concentrate your time and effort towards the job at hand and make managing your labor distribution easy. By eliminating the additional time-consuming and financial burdens of hiring, training, scheduling, and payroll administration, you can focus on your core business and increase your bottom line.

Please contact us for an estimate
or call us anytime at 1-888-9MANBRO

• Support for Design / Build Teams
• State-of-the-art systems, tools,
  and quality control methodologies
• Competitive, timely, and
   accurate proposals
• Proven commitment to schedules
   and budgets
• Proven commitment to job-site safety

• Structural & Light Gauge Steel
   Stud Framing
• Drywall Hanging & Finishing
• Safety, Sound, & Thermal Insulation
• De-mountable & Moveable Partitions
• Installation of Doors, Frames,
   & Hardware
• Acoustical Ceilings
• Painting & Texturing
• Exterior Architectural Building Panels
• Curtain Wall Systems
• Panelized Components
• EIFS (Exterior Insulation &
   Finish Systems)
• Stucco
• Interior Demolition
• Wood Trim & Wood Blocking

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